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SIUE juried Art Show

I was fortunate enough to have a piece accepted into the student art show at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I feel lucky to be included with so many other great artists. The show displays an excellent array of the talent and conceptual abilities of the students at SIUE. It's open until February 8th in the beautiful gallery of Art and Design West.

My piece was made from cast bronze, sterling silver, brass wire and yarn. "Mourning Our Future" was a response to the feeling of helplessness over school shootings. As a mother, a student, and the daughter of a teacher, every day I worry about the possibilities. This wearable shawl allows viewers to step into the role of mourning mother, friend, co-worker, daughter or son. Each sterling silver flower represents a school shooting from 2018, and the cast bronze bullet hole acts as a button to keep the shawl in place. We all share the responsibility of inaction on gun control. And we all have a responsibility to come to the table to find solutions.

There is a historic opportunity to enact gun control legislation this year. I've already called my representatives to ask for some sort of action, and I hope you'll do the same if you're reading this. You can text your address to 644-33 to be connected directly. It only takes a few minutes, but it truly does make a difference.

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