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Second Place Award in the Endangered Art Show at the STL Artists' Guild!

It's always an honor to receive an award at an art show. This was doubly an honor because I had three pieces exhibited in the show. The Endangered Art show, at the St. Louis Artists Guild in 2019, was filled with incredible works that blurred the boundaries between traditional skills and alternative media. It was thrilling to see what limits the imagination could break, and even more exciting to see people bring them into reality. The innovative spirit among artists is inspiring to say the least!

Receiving Second Place Award for my sculpture "Symbiosis: mutual, but not exclusive" was an unexpected honor. I was inspired by the incredible variety in the show, and humbled to be given an award.

For this piece, I fabricated it entirely from flat metal and raw materials. The only thing I did not make from scratch were the air plants, the old army belt, and the Gatorade bottles (which I did modify by cutting in half and using brass rivets to keep them together.)

I used the traditional technique of angle raising to build the base form of the mask. Then formed and pierced the center nose-piece by hand, then cast the old bottle caps out of bronze so the Gatorade bottles would screw on. This allows me to replace the air plants, or water, as needed. After modifying the bottles with rivets, I added patina for an aged copper look. My goal with this piece was a serious, but somewhat playful, out look on our intimate connection with the trees.

What do you think of my work?

I know its kind of weird, what can I say... artists are kind of weird!

But let me know in the comments, I love constructive feedback. We don't grow if we don't know we need to change, so drop some tips to help me grow as an artist and individual!

More from that show:

Two other pieces that were featured in the Endangered Art Show are also found in the WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND series in my portfolio page.


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