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Chaotic but Cohesive!

New cards are in! New displays and mounts have been made. And a new official Instagram, just for art and jewelry. Watch out now! It almost looks like I'm getting organized.

I'm leaning into the curve of the crazy chaotic line quality in most of my drawings and paintings, but emphasizing the elegant forms and fluid curves that also flows through all of my work as an artist. I refuse to melt into a box. I am not just a metalsmith and I'm not just a painter. I'm passionate about painting, sculpture and jewelry! I'm passionate about the environment, as well as all of the things modern innovation is capable of. My view as an environmentalist isn't that people the bad-guys, in my view we're the heroes! Humans are insanely innovative! We create such inspiring and incredible things. We are the ones creating new paths forward everyday.

So I'll remain a Mixed-Media Silversmith for now... until I find something More to become. Even if I don't have an official box to check. #youdoyou

My #newcards reflect a little bit of chaos with the cohesive look of a put-together business style.


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