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BFA Thesis Exhibit: Spring 2019

At SIUe, the undergraduates are lucky to have the opportunity to put together a Thesis Exhibit. 

“What We Leave Behind” is the body of work I prepared for my thesis show.  I was so happy with the results! A range of scale and media—mud and plastic, alongside enamel, precious metals, and traditional drawing techniques.  

Through whimsical lines and moveable parts, my goal for this series was inspired by my work as a Licensed Massage Therapist and my life as a mother—what does an unhealthy environment mean for the health of our future? The uncanny similarities between nature and anatomy are highlighted through side by side comparisons, along with playful albeit somewhat scary objects ask the viewer to think about their own relationship with the world around them. And what, if any, impact do we leave in the wake of our actions.


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